Creative Cubs Play Ltd

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About Creative Cubs

Creative Cubs Play Ltd is a play group which is intended for children and their responsible adult.

We hold fortnightly sessions that are aimed at children around 6 months – school age.

We also hold fortnightly Home Education sessions to which there is no set age range although we expect primary school age children to get the most enjoyment out of these sessions!

Children learn through using their senses; creative, messy, sensory play is both fun and beneficial to learning and development. Here at Creative Cubs we know that children like to explore their surroundings and experiment with putting things in their mouths. As such, activities are all non-toxic and safe for young children. 

Our session activities are always free from 13 of the top 14 allergens. We use wheat/barley in activities such as our homemade playdoughs and cereal play. Activities can be made gluten free if needed. Please get in touch if you have any questions; we strive to be an all inclusive environment!

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