Our sessions are held weekly, on a Tuesday morning and a Wednesday afternoon, sessions are an hour long. As soon as you arrive, you can get stuck in to the activities set out. There will be 40-45 minutes of free play followed by a little clean up time. We’ll then end the session with a small snack as a refreshment. Whilst the children are eating, we’ll sing some songs to wind down (getting messy and exploring through the senses is tiring and overstimulating at times. We find that singing at the end helps the children relax).

Our Values

Here at Creative Cubs we believe in fun! We love getting messy and creative and believe that children learn best when they think they’re not learning! There is so much to get out of sensory messy play and getting creative invokes that vivid imagination that we admire about children.

Our aim is to have good, messy fun whilst also being as Eco friendly as possible. Our aim is to put as much of our waste as possible in to compost. We are aiming to be single use plastic free. The way we are encouraging this is by providing wash cloths and asking attendees to bring a towel.