Story Sack


Really make your Cub’s favourite story come alive!

Contact me, and together, we can create the perfect balance between sensory play and escaping in to a story book.

“The benefits of the story bags are far-reaching; children are encouraged to enter into the story through the accompanying activities. This enables them to feel from another’s point of view. It also helps to promote skills in emotional literacy, encouraging children to explore their own thoughts and feelings. Storytelling, of course, also helps to encourage speaking skills and increases vocabulary; it helps children to learn about the world, either theirs or the worlds of others. Stories can be ‘social,’ helping children to learn how to behave in certain circumstances, to learn about dangers – from the road to chemicals in the kitchen – or to learn about what happens at the dentist or the hospital.

A bag containing Topsy and Tim go to the Dentist might include a dentist’s mirror for looking at teeth or a pretend drill, for example. It could include a chart for recording when children clean their teeth and a timer.”

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Price: From £20 – Completely bespoke to your needs.

Simply contact me or pop one in your basket and go through the checkout stage at no cost and I’ll contact you using the details you provide on the checkout page!


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